little ole me.

Once upon a time there lived a little evelyn who left her little hobbit hole to stake a small corner of the internet and devote it to her wanderings and ramblings.

For a few years she dwelled within a cozy home built by her thirteen-year-old self, until she woke up to find her foot sticking out the door, her head out the roof, and her books tumbling out the windows and knocking over her mugs. With such a discovery and the following conclusion that it was time to move on, she packed her bags and shipped herself to a whole new world…

Hello, there!

Welcome to my blog!

I’m a¬†Christian saved by God’s wonderful grace and a homeschooled high schooler from a big family. I’m a bookworm, a hot-tea drinker, rain-lover, world-weaver, paint-spiller, clock-collector, and I flatter myself with the title of ‘poet.’ I’d pick a bagel over a donut any day, and I own four pet cacti: Augustine, Priscilla, Ferdinand, and Archibald.

Sometimes I’m sarcastic and all the time I’m short, and I am slightly obsessed with using bullet points (aren’t they just so useful and pretty?) and everything elephant-related.

This blog is my place to plaster my thoughts for the world to see. Or for those curious enough to stick around. I post something – whether it be an article, a poem, or random ramblings – roughly every Friday.

So welcome! Draw up a chair to my table. Let me grab you a mug. Coffee? Tea? Hot chocolate?

Come, let’s talk books, life, and poetry together. (:

~ evelyn ~

the rain drenched writer.

P.S. My dear writing assistant from the A.A.A: Rufus. He helps a lot around here. If you have any spare pickles or chocolate bars to donate to his cause, let me know.