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Hi there! Welcome to my little corner of the internet. My name is Evelyn.

I’m a Christian saved by God’s wonderful grace and a homeschooled high schooler from a big family. I’m a bookworm, a hot-tea drinker, rain-lover, world-weaver, paint-spiller, clock-collector, and I flatter myself with the title of ‘poet.’ I’d pick a bagel over a donut any day, and I own four pet cacti: Augustine, Priscilla, Ferdinand, and Archibald.

So, now, that you know a bit about me, let me explain this little thing I call my blog. It’s a place to plaster my thoughts for the world to see. Or for those curious enough to stick around. I plan to post something – whether it be an article, a poem, or ramblings – every Friday.

So welcome! I hope your stay, whether it be short or long, is good.

~ evelyn ~