2019 Camp NaNoWriMo Update // week 2

I had this strange moment of realization this week.

All day I had been curling up in my cardigan to work on school in the freezing basement, but then, when I was called to help bring in groceries, to my surprise I stepped outside only to find it sunny and warm.

I guess spring has finally come. 🙂

Over this past weekend, my family took a trip to Philadelphia to watch my older siblings compete in the National College Mock Trial Competition. I decided to pack no school, and brought some books to read and then my laptop for some NaNoWriMo writing.

Long car drives are the best, in my opinion. It’s just fun family time to cruise the country, listen to music, and play those car-trip games, that range from writing poetry to keeping track of license plates spotted to reciting Shakespeare lines.

Or it’s a nice time to just read a book. 😉



Day 5: 1314 words

Day 6: 964 words

Day 7: 1727 words

Day 8: 1261 words

Day 9: 887 words

Day 10: 697 words

Day 11: 1783 words


That leaves my overall word count at 14,480 while I should be around 19,000 words. Hopefully I’ll catch up over upcoming Easter break! 🙂



I couldn’t pick out a favorite sentence written this week, but I have another small poem to share. I picked this one out because the world is finally waking from winter. The trees seemed to blossom over night and the grass is suddenly green again.


Sweet summer slips into the Fall.

Fall drops to make way for the snow.

But winter turns into the spring,

So not all change is bad, you know.


I hope you have a wonderful day!

~ evelyn ~

Days of Ice and Snow

Another week of February has passed, and with it came more snow and ice. Our house was shrouded in glorious fogs and silver mists; our trees traced with beautiful white crystals.

I commented to my mother how it is on days like these I wish I had a nice camera. So she offered that I borrow her phone. 🙂


~ our driveway ~
~ icy pinecones and needles ~
~ one of our bushes ~
I just love trees covered in icicles (:
~ our frosty forest ~
~ a bush completely covered in thick icicles ~
and another picture of the same bush because it was just so cool (:


How has your week been? I hope you’ve been keeping snug inside your home. Or if you live somewhere warm, enjoying the sun. 😉