The mountain grows beyond my reach,

It jags up, scaling high,

It’s nature’s tower built of stone,

And sculptured toward the sky.

With moss and trees and fields of green,

Where deer and bears do home,

With caves and trails and such fun things

Through which we long to roam.

What secrets lie within its paths?

What joys are there to find?

What quiet beauties wait our search,

To wander through the pines?

In silence soak in solitude,

Taste the peacefulness,

Among the mountains I shall go,

To seek my prayers and rest.

11 thoughts on “The Mountain |a poem

        1. Wait?…Y’all are going to the Appalachians?! Hold on, cause I’m coming too! (That was a gorgeous poem, Evelyn. I love the emotions you evoked through your simple but beautiful words.)

          Liked by 2 people

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