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Toy Story 4 and Endgame

Now that enough time has distanced us from the release of the theatrically historic Endgame, I feel like I have more liberty to discuss spoilers without offending the general public who would hate to not experience the movie as it stands, untainted or biased by reports. Around the same time Endgame came out though, so […]

Playing In Word Pools and Other Found Poetry

Recently I have had the delight of reading a new book on poetry, Poemcrazy by Susan G. Wooldridge. My grandmother gave it to me for Christmas and, in trying to immerse myself with ideas and inspiration, I have started it. So here we go with another entry in the journal of Evelyn-finds-something-neat-about-poetry-and-comes-to-share-it. Today’s topic: word […]

Two Tags | a q&a session

After my absence, it’s nice to return and have some tags to play with, so here’s a little q&a session. I can’t catch up with ever single tag I have been tagged for and so apologies for those I miss. My hasty records of tags were not sufficient. Some I have lost, some I only […]

Thoughts On Dialogues | both the fictional and non fictional kind

On Monday I shall present for my class by memory a Socratic dialogue I have written. I have always found writing new things interesting, whether it be puzzling over a new poetry forms, reorganizing preexistent phrases as seen in bookbinder poetry, or experimenting with different point of views and tenses in a scene. Writing a […]

Last Minute Musings of the Courtroom Poet

Tomorrow I march with my team into battle. It’s hard to summarize the experience of a full day of competition (I spent thirty minutes trying to explain it to two team mates the other day starting with the moment you wake before dawn and with numb fingers put on your suit to the moment the […]

Untitled Jazz

so this is different, but listen. the floor is underrated people are amazing colorful pens are fantastic for taking biology notes and parsing latin sentences. i’ve never looked back. dry erase markers + mirror are handy and make a fun toy this keith green song has been stuck in my head all last week now […]

Favorite Books Read | 2o19

At the close of 2018, I found a handful of posts in the blogger world batted around discussing and sharing the list of books read for the year and goals for the next year. All that led to wonder about how many books I read in the course of twelve months, and so I decided […]


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