i am a writer

I’m a writer, I’m a poet, I’m a chapter I’ve written. A character built out of nothing but my life and hands. They stain my pages because I bleed and wilt. I’m a writer, I’m a poet, I form worlds out of words and people out of trees. Watch me resurrect a dragon, a storm, … More i am a writer

Ode To The Family’s 2003 Chrysler Town & Country Minivan

Sometimes inspiration rises from the everyday happenings that feel so forlorn and bland. Everyone has a unique experience and while they might overlook common formalities: another dinner, another drive, another drag of school. They can all be captured. The art of the poet is to see the beauty in the commonplace; to encompass and package … More Ode To The Family’s 2003 Chrysler Town & Country Minivan

Blackout Poetry

Good evening, friends! Friday is here and I am later than normal with a post, but no matter. I have been gone most of the day, volunteering at a camp in a class of seven and eight-year-olds. Hence, I am a bit tired, but here to share some blackout poetry. I made these yesterday evening. … More Blackout Poetry

20 Questions Tag

I’m afraid I was tagged for this *coughs* a while ago. Maybe a month. Or two. Anyways, thank you Bethany for the tag! (And sorry I did not get to it sooner… 😛 ) Looks like there are no rules, just questions. And if I need to, I guess I can plead the fifth. 😉 … More 20 Questions Tag

Tags Galore!

In an age of needing to write 3000 words per day on a novel, tags come in handy for blogging. Thanks Ariel for the well-timed taggings! Both of these tags are focused around characters, and so let’s dive right in!   Tag #1  – The Heroes of Legend Rules: Very graciously thank the blogger who tagged … More Tags Galore!